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God Is African 2023 | Download Ghanaian Movie

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Faith is described in many ways by people. Some say it’s believing in hope against hope. Others say it’s trusting in moments when you have reasons not to. But the most profound of them all is this; FAITH is a journey. A heart-stirring journey of tears, pain, hope, and truth. And so when Amana Essel is diagnosed with what seems like a terminal medical condition. With her desire for a child regardless of her husband’s decision to what seems right to stay alive, she is forced to embark on a journey that ultimately brings her face-to-face with her greatest fear and face-to-face with GOD. Would her faith cause a shift in what society thinks of her and would it bring her what she’s been desiring in her life? She goes each day in life facing her fears and believing in what seems crazy to society as a tool of madness faith until she receives her miracle.

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