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If you have never downloaded from ogenetv.com before and you are confused please click here to go to our how to download page

Are you having download issues?

Maybe you could download before and now you are finding it difficult to download because its taking forever to load and when it does load you get an error message on your browser.

Error message
Example error message

If you are getting an error message similar to the one above, the problem is from your end and not ours. But we will be providing a solution.

Here is a YouTube video on how you can solve this issue:

YouTube player

If after watching the video you still don’t know what to do then you can;

  • Clear your browser cache files
  • Restart you source of internet ( it could be your phone, your router, MiFi etc)
  • Turn of your internet for a while
  • And if none of this works, you can download a VPN app to temporarily change your IP address.